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Dr. Hjh. Azuraida Shahadan graduated with Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership from California State University Fullerton, awarded as the first Malaysia graduated with PhD Degree from that university.


She has a Master Degree of Education from Pennsylvania, a

Master Degree of Ed Management from Malaysia and a

Bachelor Degree of Business Admin from Malaysia. Her

certification is in Child Development from California and Psychotherapy from  UK.


She began her career as an educator and trainer in 2006. She came back to Malaysia in 2015 after 8 years living and working in United States of America

As a motivator, educator, academician and philosopher with more than 14 years experience in managing, leading and communicating with diverse group of people, Dr Azuraida is now active in conducting training and giving motivational talk for secondary students, tertiary as well as a group of working people, not only in Malaysia but also outside Malaysia.


Her specialization is in Kepimpinan Diri, Kepimpinan Organisasi, Leading Team, Terapi Minda, Finding Happiness, Personal Development & Development.

Dr Azuraida also a founder for a NGO Kembara Amal Ventures that actively helping individual persons, society and community inside and outside Malaysia.


Experience in leading, planning, supervising a wide range of leadership and CSR projects as well as delivering training in a field of business management and educational leadership with an excellent communication and interpersonal skills

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Dr Hjh Azuraida Shahadan

Akademi Minda by DrAzu Training Academy & Consultancy

Suites 3-10, 3rd Floor North Block The AmpWalk Jalan Ampang

55000 Kuala Lumpur

Email: dr.azuraidaacademy@gmail.com

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